Author: Ashley Tapscott, DO

Men’s Health Presentation with Dr. Tapscott on “Ask Dr. Drew”

Dr. Ashley Tapscott was recently featured on “Ask Dr. Drew” and discusses a broad overview of erectile dysfunction and penile implants. Learn more about the causes of erectile dysfunction and the treatment options available. Dr. Ashley Tapscott is an established expert in the field of sexual dysfunction and provides comprehensive care for patients in Huntersville, Charlotte, Lake Norman and the surrounding areas.

Signs You May Be Suffering From Female Sexual Dysfunction

Many women have had instances where it felt like they “lost that loving feeling.” It usually passes, and next time sex is back to normal. This temporary problem can happen to anyone, but when it becomes consistent, this is one of the signs you may be suffering from female sexual dysfunction.

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Improving ED & Urinary Incontinence with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Improving erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence with pelvic floor physical therapy may sound strange and complicated, but approximately 25% of men under 40 have issues with ED and are often unaware of the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles and how simple exercises from Dr. Tapscott can improve their issues.

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